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Part Two: A letter to high-achieving healthcare professionals in the midst of burnout

By Amber Pena Posey, APRN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC “Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.” —Kahlil Gibran As I noted in my last article, a self-assessment provides clarity for both your particular risks and unique solutions for burnout. Along with

Employee Spotlight: Mili Bhatia

Mili is the SVP of Client Services at Survey Healthcare Global, the client research side of OpinionSite. Get to know more about her below! What do you love about working in the life science industry? I love that part of

Pride and Visibility: Perspective from a New Grad RN

By Joshua Smith, RN This is the first Pride Month that I am ringing in as a registered nurse, and while I have been out and proud for 13 years or so, I’m experiencing a renewed connection to the importance

Reframing Mental Health Awareness Month

By Lanie Fercilien, PA-C Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! But wait… is it really happy? What does mental health awareness truly mean? I’ve always struggled with the idea of dedicating a single month to a specific cause. While it’s important

Depression in a Primary Care Setting

By Tim Dolan PA-C The United States continues to struggle to provide mental health care to our citizens. The burden of mental health often falls onto emergency rooms, EMT’s and police services. Our responsibility, as primary care providers, is to

Coming Home: A two-part letter to high-achieving healthcare professionals in the midst of burnout

By Amber Pena Posey “Peace is not the absence of chaos or conflict, but rather finding yourself in the midst of that chaos and remaining calm in your heart.” ― John Mroz When I first entered the field, I naively

The Truth About Work Life Balance and Finding Joy in Medicine

By Nadia Sabri, MD We want to do it all: work, play, parent, live an amazing life. As long as we stay balanced, we can keep adding more things and all is good, right? This approach drives us to multitask

Finding a Cure: The Challenge of Cancer Therapy

by Alex Shimanovksy, MD Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. By 2040, the number of new cancer-related death is expected to rise to 16.5 million1. Cancer is primarily a disease of an aging population; this reflects on

Breast Cancer Screening in the Transgender Patient

by Ashling O’Connor The guidelines for breast cancer screening in the cis-female population are well defined. These clear guidelines and widespread availability of screening have led to the reduction in breast cancer by as much as 40% over the last