Where can I review the terms & conditions?

Please click Terms and Conditions to review.

Where can I review the privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy or email privacy@apollointelligence.net. For any questions or concerns relating to our privacy policy please reach out to privacy@apollointelligence.

How will my personal information be used?

Your privacy is important to us. We will only use your personal information to validate that you are a licensed healthcare professional and to provide you with compensation. Otherwise, you will be known only by your unique user ID. Your employer’s name, your contact information, or any other personally identifiable information will not be released or associated with the responses you provide unless with prior notice and explicit consentAt any time, you may request your personal details be deleted or downloaded. 

How is OpinionSite related to InCrowd and GlocalPanel?  

OpinionSite’s sister brand is InCrowd. In May 2024 GlocalPanel was acquired under the OpinionSite brand. OpinionSite and InCrowd are brands within the Apollo Intelligence family of companies. 

How do I become a member? 

Many healthcare professionals in the US, Canada, and Europe can join the OpinionSite Research Network. Please use our registration page to sign up. 

Why should I become a member? 

Our research compensates for the contribution of your expertise and experience through survey research and moderated interviews. Your insights are then used to improve medical products and patient care.  

Which medical professionals are eligible? 

In the United States, we provide a platform to many healthcare professions and dozens of specialty areas to participate in research. Outside the US, we accept physicians, Lab Titles, and other healthcare titles.    

I didn’t pass validation, what do I do? 

All members are put through a multi-level validation program that makes sure we have all the necessary information to confirm your registration. Sometimes you might leave something out or we don’t have enough long-term information to confirm you. You can reach out to helpdesk@opinionsite.com if you encounter any issues with your registration.  

Where can I reach someone if I have a question?

You can email helpdesk@opinionsite.com and a team member will assist you. 

How do I participate in a survey? 

Once your account is activated, you will receive invitations via messages@opinionsiteanswers.com for surveys that we think are a good fit for your area of expertise. You can also find surveys under the ‘Waiting Surveys’ section of the home screen of your account.  

Why are surveys conducted?   

Our research partners are developing new or improving existing products and treatments in the life science industry and as part of their research, we work with them to collect your valuable insights into these treatments. Through this collaboration, we focus on the shared goal of improvement of patient outcomes. 

How does the Sunshine Act impact my participation  

Online Surveys: Because payments to physicians for participating in pharmaceutical and medical device marketing research are typically made by research companies, in this case by  

OpinionSite, rather than manufacturer-sponsors, and to health care professionals whose identities are unknown to the manufacturer-sponsors, those payments are, in most cases, excluded from reporting under the Sunshine Act law: SEC. 1128G (e)(10)(A). In the rare circumstance in which your payment needs to be reported to the manufacturer sponsors and subsequently to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, InCrowd will do so in accordance with our terms and conditions.  

Interviews: There is a slim chance that during an interview a member might accidentally give their name or may be recognizable by voice. Because of this remote chance, we err on the side of caution, and you will be prompted to agree to the Sunshine Act before the interview. 

What is my responsibility as a member?

As a member of our research network, we ask that you provide honest and complete information as part of your profile and include clear, and timely responses to the surveys and interviews that you participate in. You can participate in as many or as few surveys as you would like. If you would like to participate, please respond to surveys as soon as you receive an invitation and give thoughtful, clear responses to questions.   

How can I update my information?  

To update personal or professional information, or to check on surveys and rewards, please login access your member account, and select the ‘Profile’ tab. Some items will need to be updated by a team member, if you need assistance, email Helpdesk@opinionsite.com 

How do I unsubscribe?   

Members can unsubscribe at any time. Every survey invitation will include an immediate unsubscribe link which will stop emails coming to your email address. In addition, you can discontinue your membership at any time by visiting your member portal selecting the Account tab, and then Account Status. From there you can close your account. 

How long will it take me to answer each survey?

The methodology and length of each survey will vary. Your invitation will clearly state the type of study, how long we think it will take you to complete, and the compensation amount offered for your time. 

How often will I get surveys? 

Survey invitations are dependent upon survey availability and your professional background and specialty. If you have concerns over the frequency of your survey invitations please contact helpdesk@opinionsite.com 

How will I be compensated when I answer a survey?

You will earn rewards every time you answer a survey. Once you’ve hit your minimum redemption threshold, you can log in and redeem your rewards. At any time, you can review your Payments tab for balances and earning and redemption history. You may choose to receive an e-gift card via Tango or PayPal when you redeem your rewards.  To learn more about rewards please see the Reward Wallet section below. 

When will I receive payment for my interview?

Payment for completed interviews will be added to your account 3 weeks after your completed interview. 

What do I need to know about my Rewards Wallet?  

How do I redeem my rewards? 

You earn rewards for your research participation. Rewards have no monetary value until you redeem them. Once you have 25 or more in your Rewards Wallet in your account you will be able to redeem. You can visit the ‘Payments’ tab in your account to see your rewards and see your options for redemptions. You may choose to receive an e-gift card via Tango or PayPal when you redeem your rewards. If you select PayPal, make sure your payment email with OpinionSite is reflective of your PayPal email address. 

What are Tango and PayPal? 

Tango: Tango is a website that allows you to choose from several e-gift card options, including Amazon and many more. You can only cash out via Tango once a day and in increments of 25 and up. You do not need to create a Tango account. Your e-gift card code will be sent to the payment email listed under the Payments tab on your account.

PayPal: You must have a PayPal account and have the email associated with your PayPal account be the same one you list as your payment email address in your OpinionSite profile. When using PayPal, you can cash out customized reward amounts. You should see the redeemed rewards in your PayPal account within moments.

I did not receive my gift card. 

Your Tango gift card will come from the email: noreply@tangocard.com. Please check your Spam or Junk folder as sometimes your gift card will end up there. Occasionally mail servers misclassify the email with the e-gift card link as spam. If you do not see a message from Tango in your spam folder, please reach out via helpdesk@opinionsite.com 

Can you send a check?  

No, we do not offer checks as a method of redemption. Please choose the payment method that works best for you. Tango offers e-gift card selections. PayPal will send redeemed rewards directly to your PayPal account. 

Do I need to pay taxes on my redemptions?  

If you are in the US, and you redeem $600 or more of your earned rewards in a calendar year, you will be prompted in your account to complete a W9 form. We are required to collect these forms by the federal government, and we may need to prevent future redemptions if we do not receive the requested form. You do not need to contact us to know if you must submit a form. You can view the Tax information section of your account at any time to see your status or submit a W9. Once you’ve hit the $599 mark, at your next redemption, you will be prompted to submit a W9 before you can proceed with that redemption. You can track all your Reward earnings and redemptions in your Payments tab.  

If you are outside the US, it is up to you to report any taxable income in accordance with your local government guidelines.  

Fee for accounts with more than 10,000 unredeemed Rewards.  

If your account holds more than 10,000 in unredeemed Rewards, a 1% maintenance fee of the total balance may be applied to your account monthly. You will be notified in your profile anytime you are over 9,000 in unredeemed Rewards value. If you maintain a balance under 10,000 unredeemed Rewards, you will not have the fee applied. 

Is there a referral program?

Yes, we have a Refer a Colleague program for our members. You may become eligible for the program once you’ve been a member for at least three months and have completed multiple surveys. Once eligible you’ll have access to a new tab in the portal with information about the program and a unique referral link.   

Do you have partnership or sponsorship opportunities?

Yes, we have both. If you are interested in a partnership or sponsorship, please reach out to community@opinionsite.com with information regarding your group or website and the type of opportunity you’re interested in. We work with many healthcare professional groups and influencers and have partnered with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. 

What are other ways I can get involved?

We send newsletters every six weeks with information on our latest research, OpinionSite news, as well as interesting industry topics.  

  • Follow us on social media to participate in our giveaways and other programs  
  • Connect with us on OpinionSite socials here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin 
  • We also have a Referral Program that includes paid incentives for referring your healthcare colleagues.  
  • We are always looking for guest bloggers!  
  • Additionally, if you have something to promote, we’re also happy to discuss how we can incorporate that into our messaging. Reach out to community@opinionsite.com to learn more.