Why I Left Clinical Medicine

By Dana Corriel, MD After 10 years in practice, I recently left clinical medicine. Why, you ask? While there are many reasons, here are just a few: 1. Legalities – This one’s a biggie. Many of us are paralyzed with

From Observer to Influencer: The Power of #MedTwitter

By Jessica Gold, MD MS When someone first suggested I break away from my private twitter and make a professional account, my thoughts went something like this: But, I am already doing things that are outside traditional academia, do I

The Truth About Work Life Balance and Finding Joy in Medicine

By Nadia Sabri, MD We want to do it all: work, play, parent, live an amazing life. As long as we stay balanced, we can keep adding more things and all is good, right? This approach drives us to multitask

Finding a Cure: The Challenge of Cancer Therapy

by Alex Shimanovksy, MD Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. By 2040, the number of new cancer-related death is expected to rise to 16.5 million1. Cancer is primarily a disease of an aging population; this reflects on

Breast Cancer Screening in the Transgender Patient

by Ashling O’Connor The guidelines for breast cancer screening in the cis-female population are well defined. These clear guidelines and widespread availability of screening have led to the reduction in breast cancer by as much as 40% over the last